Summer Beauty Essentials

July 25, 2014

 I am so excited to share with you that I am part of the Glam Beauty Board, reviewing all of the products that they are obsessed with for the summer! 

Verb Sea Salt Spray
This is one of my favorite products I am reviewing! I started using this immediately after I got it and I love the texture that it gives my hair. After showering, I spray it on my damp hair before I blow dry. I also used it the other day after I got out of the pool for some beachy waves! Verb Sea Spray is formulated with natural sea salt and smoothing moisturizers, and the light mist infuses hair with a texture boost.

This summer, I have noticed that I have had more underarm irritation than ever before... TMI? Shaving my arm pits has always been a challenging task. I never feel like I get a close shave, and when I shave too much, I get tons of irritation! Trying the Sensitive Shave Gel + Sensitive Razor was the ultimate solution for my poor underarm skin! Now I know that I have super-sensitive skin in that area. The gel is both dye & fragrance free which helps minimize irritation. The razor itself has been dermatologist tested for sensitive skin. Thank you Venus!

This light spray is used to refresh & hydrate dry or sensitive skin. The product contains Tasmanian Sea Kelp, Wild Rosella & Organic Lavender Water to calm & soothe inflamed or irritated skin. The light mist application makes it feel so refreshing! I used this on my skin after a long day at work to make me feel refreshed (and smell good). This product will be fantastic to bring along on my trip to Boston next week to spritz on my face after the coast-to-coast flight.

I am a huge believer in leave-in conditioner. This conditioning spray looks like thick conditioner in the bottle, but surprisingly, sprays on nicely. My fine hair gets super tangly after I get out of the shower, but too much conditioner can weigh it down and make it feel flat. I made sure to just spray this on my ends, where the tangles are the worst, and it worked like a charm! The smell is amazing! 

This overnight cream is so luxurious. It has a barely-there scent and works magic overnight. Sometimes I don't drink enough water or I drink too much wine, leaving my skin feeling dull. This "mask" will be magic in a jar for my face! To me, calling this product a mask is interesting, as I would call it more of a cream or moisturizer. Either way, it is pure magic and I love how pretty and clear my skin looks!

These balms are uh-mazzzz-ing! I love the soft packaging, the texture and the color-rich pigment. Bite is a five-in-one balm that hydrates, repairs, primes, and protects with SPF 15. Everything I could ask for in my daily lip color.

JASON Naturals Gluten Free Body Wash
When I first used this body wash, I was honestly surprised. I had no idea that gluten-free body wash existed. It is a super gentle cleanser, made of Vitamin E, Avocado Oil and Calendula Extract. The consistency is surprisingly thin and a bit watery, but it lathers up well. Unfortunately, this cleanser does not have a very good scent.

This headband is perfect for my evening routine at home. It holds my hair back securely and comfortably while making a statement with a fun tribal print!

This perfume is in a super edgy, diamond shaped blue glass bottle. On first try, I wasn't sure I liked it. The second time I used it, it grew on me a little. It is sweeter than my usual favorite scents. Like the bottle, its an edgy, interesting scent! For me, it will not be an everyday perfume, but fun for specific occasions, like a night out with the girls.

Haven't Tried Yet:
I am so very excited to try out RapidLash Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancing Serum, but I haven't busted it out of the box yet. I have always had fine & thin brows, so enhancing them will do wonders. I cannot wait to see how well it works. Hopefully like the box says, I will see fuller brows in 60 days.

This product boasts that it's extra long-lasting self tanning powers! Currently, I am pretty tan from my Mexico trip, but once my real tan begins to fade, I am calling in the forces of Vita Liberata! I am so excited to get that natural sun kissed glow without the UV damage. I also read that this tan will last for up to two to three weeks (depending on your skin's pH level). I like the bottle size, the easy to use pump and the mousse-like texture.

This is one of the products that I have not tried yet. It is a sheer blush in a lightweight, gel formula. It definitely intrigues me, but a gel blush also is outside of my comfort zone. Has anyone tried this yet? I liked the pigment on my hand, so I am excited to try it on a low-maintenance makeup day.


  1. Ok, I super want to try that sunless tanner--my biggest complaint is they usually only last a few days! Once you try it I wanna hear if it last at least at week--if it does, I am totally buying ha!


  2. I hadn't heard of gluten-free body wash either. That's a shame about the fragrance. Looking forward to seeing how the Rapidbrow performs!

  3. How exciting!! And it looks like you have a lot to try and test out, have fun girl!