Inspired by Food

July 23, 2014

Over the past few weeks, I have been reading some amazing articles about food. I've been super inspired by delicious ingredients, creative prep and serving ideas. John and I try to be healthy, so sometimes our dinners get monotonous. I have been itching to get creative in the kitchen without sacrificing the calorie count.

I love kale everything when I order from a restaurant, but I can never make a kale salad as good when I attempt it at home. Turns out, I have been prepping kale wrong all along! Check out this article from Bon Apetit on 6 kale mistakes to avoid.

Ever wondered how to create the perfect ice cream sandwich? After consuming this monstrosity from CoolHaus, I realized that an ice cream sandwich can be one of the most delicious concoctions when done correctly. Mixing the right type of cookie and ice cream is key, but presentation is just as important.

I love a Caprese Salad more than a lot of other foods... its one of the best appetizers there are. I have eaten obscene amounts as a full dinner before (embarrassingly enough). Sometimes though, you need more substance. This delicious Quinoa Caprese meal sounds insatiable and easy to make at the same time.

This low fat, smoked salmon frittata sounds amazing. After having a delicious turkey sausage quiche at Cafe Luna in Summerland, I have been craving something similar, without the cream cheese and added calories. Making one of these for breakfast could last us a couple days (in leftovers) and 96 calories a serving works for me!

Lastly, this melon ball salad looks so pretty! The summer season makes me crave light & refreshing meals, and this breakfast item sounds perfect. The poppyseed dressing is an unexpected twist, but I cannot wait to make it, sounds delicious!

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  1. Wouldn't have thought to mix melon with poppy seeds - have to give that one a try! That ice cream sandwich looks absolutely incredible!