DIY: Distressed Denim Jorts

July 10, 2014

My summer state of mind includes whipping up a refreshing drink and trying something new and fun.  Let's chat about drinking and doing DIY...

Sauza Tequila has a hilarious video about making jorts (with a cowboy)... and I decided to mix up a Sauza-rita and make my own! ( Jeans + Shorts = Jorts)! When I wear denim in the summer, nothing is better than that pair that is soft, worn in, perfectly distressed and fits like a glove. I decided to purchase jeans from a thrift store that already had some of the wear and distress that I was looking for. Lucky for me, I found a great pair of classic Gap jeans that are great quality.

I laid them out and actually matched them up with my current favorite pair of denim jorts so I knew how to cut them. Although cutting them straight across is easy, my favorite pairs are actually cut lower on the backside and higher on the front, so I followed that same pattern for this pair. I marked out the pattern with a fabric marker, then cut them with a sharp pair of scissors. Once I cut them and made sure the sides were even, I started by fraying the edges with a steak knife. After the edges were frayed, I also made a few strategic cuts and distressed them further with scissors and sandpaper.

Whats great about distressed shorts is that they get better with wear and wash, so I was careful not to over distress them too much. Overall, I am super happy with the outcome (and with the Sauza-ritas)! Getting crafty is always more fun with a drink in hand.

Ever think you could make jorts with a cowboy? Here's your chance to meet a man who crafts his heart out. Okay, so maybe he's not the best DIY-er. But what he lacks in cutting skills, he more than makes up for when he makes the perfect Sauza-rita. Watch him in action for ideas for your next ladies' night in: http://bit.ly/1juaLln.
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  1. Love how the shorts turned out! Great DIY


  2. I've thrown away so many pairs of jeans that end up ripped at the bottoms but never again! I do love that worn in feel which has been lacking from the jorts I've bought in the past.

  3. Omgsh LOVE the DIY! I will take the shorts and a margarita please ha! :)


  4. Can't believe you thrifted those! haha that video is great

    26 and Not Counting

  5. Love the tip about doing the edges with a steak knife - I hadn't heard that one before and will definitely have to try it out!!

    Emily, The Glam Files